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Here at SFS, we continue to adapt to the ever-changing technology in the natural gas industry. Cummins Insite software is utilized by system manufacturers Momentum Fuel Technologies and Hexagon Agility to integrate communication and diagnostics. We have proactively invested in these software communication kits to deliver the best support as Authorized Service Providers.

Benefits and Communication Through Cummins Insite:

  In-cab Smart Gauge shows accurate fuel level and distance to empty

  The Smart Gauge also displays real-time fuel economy and provides driver feedback

  The connection between engine and fuel system enables extended range and reduced check-engine incidence

  Vehicle Range Monitor tells drivers how far they can go with the gas on board

  Eco Mode maximizes range at low fuel levels to avoid unplanned refueling

  Driver feedback monitors, analyzes, and shares data to help drivers manage trip fuel economy

  Understand if issues exist on the engine or system side

  Expedites diagnostic time and enhances accurate repairs performed to improve vehicle uptime

  Mobile compatibility allows for connection wherever the chassis is located

  Quick access to trip information and fault code history

  Can review & clear fault information

  Offers wiring & sensor diagrams

cummins insite

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