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Yes, we do perform the inspections required to continue fueling at PG&E fill stations. We also have the latest version of PG&E inspection forms on file, which we fill out and email to you upon completion.

Not at the moment, we only work on the CNG system from the tanks down to the engine low pressure fuel filter inlet port.

No, our mobile mechanics are fully prepared to conduct all necessary work at your location.

We offer 24/7 mobile services. SFS proudly customizes our schedule to fit the needs of your fleet.

There are many positive advantages in shifting your fleet to a natural gas powered operation. The fuel is generally cheaper, it burns cleaner and is more environmentally friendly and there are government financial incentives to offset startup cost.

That depends on the number of miles or hours that your vehicle is in operation. A good rule of thumb to prevent contamination from getting to the engine is to replace the high pressure filters every three to four months.

Each tank manufacturer has its guidelines and classifications to each level of damage. Common causes of tank damage include, but are not limited to: debris, accidents, fires, chemical attacks, worn isolators, tank spin, and shields rubbing. If you come across a damaged tank in your fleet, call us to come out for a complete inspection.

Currently our mechanics can perform repairs on the time fill posts and fuel hose assemblies, but not on the main fuel station components such as the compressor, control panel, etc.

No, we do not have the equipment at this time.

Our parts inventory is located in Fresno, California.

Our response time can range from same day to 3 days, depending on where you are located in the United States.

No, we don’t have a mobile fueling option. SFS has transfer hoses to offload fuel from one vehicle system to another.

Yes, when our technicians are at your location do not hesitate to ask questions. Our technicians will support you the best they can.

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